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If you want to visit Zajecar, it is one of biggest cities of east Serbia. It is place of great traditional rock festival, for years now, and Zaječar’s Brewery. This famous rock music festival is called Zaječar guitar festival. Near it there are Grliško lake, Rgotsko lake and Sovinac (Sovinac lake). All three are artificial lakes. One spa is on territory of this municipality, Gamzigradska spa. Except thermomineral well in that spa, the is one more near Zaječar in Nikoličevo vilage, but it’s not tourist attraction. From the city of Niš Zaječar is 96km awaz. From capital Belgrade it’s 244km away.

History of Zajecar

It is very important  city through history. Three Roman Emperors are born here. Galerius (293–311), Maximinus (305–312) and Licinius (308–324). Complex of today’s Gamzigrad- Felix Romuliana at the outskirts of Zaječar is foundation of Emperor Caius Valerius Galerius Maximianus. Dated in the late 3rd and early 4th century. Felix Romuliana was it’s name. Named after the Emperor’s mother Romula. Slavs conquered it in 7 century. Tribes living all around called Timočani, was under ruling of Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. After that period came Otoman era, in 15th century. Until liberation in 19th century it was in their hands. But with some short periods of repeated Serbian rule.
More about Felix Romuliana

Felix Romuliana, Romans, ruins, Gamzigrad
First written traces date from 1466. in Ottoman writings. This area was conquered many times, by Romans, by Slavs, by Ottomans, by Serbian people again and again during it’s history. Slavs entered the region during the 7th century. And also the tribe living in the area was called Timočani. Area of Zaječar was, during the Middle Ages, contested between Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia. And it finally fell under Ottoman rule during the first half of the 15th century.

Weather in City of Zaječar

If you are concerned about the weather in city of Zaječar, don’t be. You can see on the graph that is great and sunny during most of the year, and not so cold during winter days. So if you were thinking to go to rock festival in zaječar called Zaječarska gitarijada just go for it, and have fun!

year forecast Zajecar, Weather in Zajecar, all year weather in Zajecar Serbia

Weather forecast in Zaječar Serbia

In conclusion, Zaječar today is modern east Serbia city, with very rich history, from Roman era, and very rich modern Serbia history.

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Top image is town center, photo by PANONIANCC BY-SA 3.0 ; Bottom Image Gamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius, UNESCO world heritage site photo by AlxadjCC BY-SA 3.0

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