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ZOO Bor is in town Bor, in Dr.Milovanovica bb street If you like animals, be sure to visit it. When you visit east Serbia you can travel to it. It was opened on November 23. 2011. Fun time in there can be used to see many animals white lion, wolves, monkeys, tiger, llamas, bears, deer, coyote, ibex, antelope, zebras, ostriches, pony. There are about 130 different kind of animals there. They all can be seen during organized visits with ZOO guide, or individual tours. Also, all kinds of celebrations can be organized in premises of ZOO. Entrance fee is 100rsd(less than 1 euro), and working time depends of months in year. In winter months work time is shorter, and in summer work time of Bor ZOO is longer during the day.


Video of ZOO can be see

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