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Zlotska cave complex  are located in eastern Serbia, around Bor. It consist of  multiple caves, very close and connected with nature trail.

Zlotska caves most famous are Vernjikica and Lazar’s Cave. Vernjikica is on the left side of Lazar’s river. Lazar’s cave was inhabited in prehistorical era which is evidenced by firesides, cottages and work areas and also by objects as weapons and tools and jewelry and pottery made of stone, soil and copper.

Today, it can be seen tourist and in followed by professional guide. Zlotska cave is located in Lazar’s canyon in east Serbia. Lazar’s cave, by the legend, bot t’s name for Serbian Prince Lazar once was located here with his army. Few centuries ago.

 History of Zlotska cave

In Lazar’s cave there is a very important archaeological site. In it were discovered three prehistoric cultural horizon of copper, Bronze and Iron Ages. Found ceramic objects and bone tools are also from this period. And items made of copper and found here are pins, buckles, awls, chisels. During the Bronze Age Lazar’s Cave plays the role of hunting station, a station in the Iron Age metallurgy center.

Inside of Zlotska cave

The total length of researched cave channels is greater than 10 000 meters. With reasonable assumptions that caver space is actually much higher. Cave room seem monumental, beautiful halls of famous names: Goth cathedral, Colosseum and so on. For now seen the richness of cave ornaments present among others: Stacks, Fountain, Bull, Imperial Lodge, Conductor, Orchestra…

Felix Hoffmann did the first exploration of Lazar’s cave in 1882. Seven years after Hoffman, Speleological Research was dun by Jovan Cvijić. The cave has built an underground river that still runs through it.

The total length of explored channel of Lazars cave is 9818 m. And also the estimated length of the cave channels exceed 10 km. Except Lazar’s cave there are Vodena, Mandina, Vernjikica i Hajdučica caves.

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Top photo Lazar’s cave byBrajovic73CC BY-SA 3.0Middle Photo by Dalibor Tomic CC BY 2.0