Music festival “Zaječarska gitarijada” can be translated as Zajecar guitar competition. It started in 1966. And lasts till today. The city of Zajecar itself is organizer of this festival. And it is held on the territory of the city. Summer time is period when this festival is held, usually in August, every year. The aim of Zajecar music festival is promotion and affirmation of young rock bands. Grand opening is held in Emperors palace of Felix Romuliana.

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The history of Zajecar guitar fest

The history of this festival in Zajecar started in 1966. From the beginning it was dedicated to rock. Hard music. It got most popular in seventies and eighties of last century. In that time it got bigger. It got from local festival to most important rock festival in Ex Yu territory. That level achieved than, lasts till today. For 2019.famous band Whitesnake was announced as special performer. Till now, over the years, performers were Bili Idol, Guano apes, Steve Lucater, Prljavo Kazalište, Atomsko sklonište, Parni valjak, Nightfall, Dubioza kolektiv etc. Lineup of this year rock festival in Zajecar can be seen here.

Zaječar rock festival today

Zajecar music festival today, last more than a half of century. It is festival of that kind with longest tradition in Serbia, and also in Eastern Europe. Maybe even the world. In this festival, except demo bands, you can hear great famous rock bands. Local, national or world famous. In time of festival, more entertainment is held across the city. Such as Biker meeting, or painter meeting, Comic book festival, Photography festival etc. This festival, Zajecar music festival, is of of main attractions of this part of Serbia. And also on of most important ones of the country. Except this festival, you can enjoy Days of Zoran Radmilovic, or hiking on Rtanj mountain. Two prizes are given on this festival. One is prize of audience, other is from jury. Sometimes, they are both to same band, but sometime it is not. So than they are given to different bands.

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