Vrelo Sarkamen locality is it’s official name of this archeological place near Negotin. Sarkamen is also village in Negotin municipality, in eastern Serbia. Locality itself is located on about 25km distance from the Negotin. It is also near Bor, about 70 km. From Nis, it located on about 144km, and 219 km from Belgrade. This village is important because there are ruins of alace from 3rd century, roman era. It was built on order of Maksimn Daja (Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximinus), Roman Emperor. his wish was to built something to be remembered in his birthplace. Similary to Mediana of Constantine the Great, and Gaj Galerius Valerije with Felix Romuliana. This locality is also called Sarkamen. And it’s exact location is 5 km from center of the village.

History of Sarkamen locality in eastern Serbia

Vrelo Sarkamen locality dates from end of 3rd century. Beside palace, it consists from many objects. One of those objects is tomb of Emperors mother. She was buried there. With her were buried her jewellery, that was found during excavations. Because all that, this is monument of exceptional value for Serbia and also the world. Vrelo locality was found in the end of 19th century (1889). First archeological work was done in 1975. The Vrelo palace was modern and rich in decorations. Also, there was water supply for complex draining water form near by river. From 1994. this ruins are protected by state. Because they were declared as Cultural heritage of exceptional importance. IN that year, excavations started again. This antique palace was third most preserved palace beside Rome, in Roman Empire. It is for sure one more important monument, that is must see in Serbia. Especially in future time when archeological work will be done. Of course, this is locality that should be prepared for tourists visits at first.

Vrelo locality near Negotin today

This locality is one of exceptional monuments of the world. And great value for historians and people today. It is needed to be archeologically researched in future time. It has great potential for this part of Serbia. And also tourist offer of Serbia.

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