Valja Gates near Majdanpek Eastern Serbia

Valja Gates, Valja Gates near Majdanpek Eastern Serbia, Eastern Serbia stone bridges

Valja gates is located in Eastern Serbia. Near town Majdanpek, about 11km, and half way to Rudna Glava. It is about 190km from Belgrade and also 170km from city of Niš.

This is biggest stone bridge in Serbia. Height of Valja stone gate is 42 meters. It is very beautiful in sundown as you can see on photo. It is higher than Vratna gates This nature monument is protected by State of Serbia as nature pearl. Also, under the bridge same name river runs.

Beside this nature Gates, there are few more tourist attractions around. You can see also archeological locality „Okno- Rudna Glava”. It is ancient mine site form 3800-3200 bc. That is oldest copper mine in the world. So you can imagine exceptional importance of it. It was discovered in 1968. And also Rajko’s cave is near.

Valja gates are located on 290m above sea level.

Advice to photographers! If you visit Valja gates around sunset period in a day, you will have great photo opportunity. The sun is going through gates and it will be as on our photo. This tourist attraction is near Djerdap National park.

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Velja gate photo by Гојко Гаврило CC BY-SA 4.0