Town Majdanpek

Majdanpek town is located in Bor county. This area is first mentioned in Ottoman writing from 1560, as Medani Pek. To Majdanpek is’s about 180 km from Niš. From Belgrade to Majdanpek is about 186km. From city of Zaječar to here is about 80km.

County Majdanpek, where this town is, borders by Danube river with Romania. Settlements in this area date back from 6 or 5 century bc. This area was known to be mining area even in that time. Even today, after all this time, it is still active mine of copper.

Majdanpek at night, Night photo of town Majdanpek, Night in eastern Serbia

Veliki and Mali Krš mountains

These two mountains are located south of town Majdanpek. Veliki Krš is located on about 10 km from town Bor. Mali Krš highest peak is Raven (Gavran) with 929m latitude. Veliki Krš has highest latitude above sea level of 1159m. This two mountains are connected. And also are continuing one on another. As not very high, they are great for hiking in around this area.

Stol mountain

Stol mountain is more famous and attractive to tourists than Veliki or Mali Krš. With highest latitude of 1155m it’s on about 10km distance from town Bor. Interesting about Stol mountain is high angle horst terrain side. That mountain side is very interesting to alpinists. Stol mountain is located in Bor county.

Church of Saint apostles Peter and Paul in town Majdanpek

First church in town Majdanpek that dates from middle of 19th century. It has unusual exterior for Serbian church. This church is dedicated to Saint apostles Peter and Paul. Second church of town is from same period.

Veliki Zaton lake

Veliki Zaton lake is located near town Majdanpek, about 2km. Under Starica mountain. It is artificial lake. Veliki Zaton lake was created as Rajko’s cave river, Mali Pek, changed it’s stream. You can refresh in summer days. And also, do some fishing there.

nature of eastern Serbia, majdanpek eastern serbia

Except Veliki zaton lake, there are few more natures attractions. They are Lepenski Vir, Rajko’s cave, Valja Gates. And also Starica mountain and Djerdap national park Serbia. Here is also one of worlds first known mine in Rudna glava village. Also, town Donji Milanovac is near by. On Majdanpek county territory.

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Majdanpek at night by Strale07 CC BY-SA 4.0