Kladovo is town in eastern part of the country. From Negotin it is about 56km far, and from town Donji Milanovac 60km. Distance from Nis Serbia is about 200km, and from capital Belgrade is 246km. It’s on riverside of Danube river, with one of most beautiful river beaches in Serbia. On the other side is mountain Miroč.

Kladovo, Industrial part of Kladovo, Eastern Srebia town

First of all, this little town always had it’s role. From ancient times till today. In past times here was ancient city of Zanes. Fortress Fetislam, was something that is from Ottoman era. Built to defend Danube and all around territory. In recent times, Hydro power plant Djerdap is most important thing around. As tourist destination it got big role from middle of 20th century.

History of eastern Serbia town Kladovo

When we are talking about history of Kladovo town in eastern Serbia we should speak about ancient Roman Empire. Because, this territory had importance for Danube and it rulers. Everyone wanted to be here.

From ancient Romans, Slavs, Ottomans and finally Serbs. By today’s name it goes from 20th century. Rulers and armies changed. Ottomas built Fetislam fortress. Until finally Ottomans surrendered this unconquerable fortress.

Another one of important history monuments of this are is also ancient Roman fortress Diana. It dates from first movements of Roman army in this territory, first century. Also from the same time as Trian’s bridge. Ruins of Diana fortress are visible even today.

Around Kladovo Serbia are many tourist attractions. National park Djerdap is here. Also mountain Miroc is one of things to mention as near by tourist attraction around Kladovo. Blederia waterfall is sure thing to enjoy nature. Also here are numerous caves and landscape attraction around Kladovo Serbia.

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