Rtanj mountain, magical and mystical, is located in eastern Serbia. This pearl of nature of eastern Serbia is known for numerous springs, nature and medicinal herbs, legends and inexplicable phenomena. The place where the famous Rtanj tea grows, a protected species. All this influences that Rrtanj is a mountain that attracts a large number of tourists. And you can hike from several sides. The best way to get there is definitely by car or bus from Sokobanja. And the nearest bigger place is Boljevac. From there you can take a taxi or bus to come and hike Rtanj.

Rtanj mountain is also known as the Pyramid in Serbia. It is a frequent destination for hikers, amateurs and professionals. It is a common destination for nature photographers. Like people who love nature. Smell, colors, legends and magic, enjoyment of medicinal plants. Everything is possible here.

How to get to eastern Serbia mountain Rtanj

If you go by bus, the easiest way is from Boljevac or Sokobanja. The price of a taxi from Boljevac is around 6 or 7 euros for a ride, around 1500 RSD, but be sure to ask before you leave. Or you can walk some 15km to Rtanj mountain. Rtanj is 75 km away from Nis. If you go from Zajecar to Rtanj there is a distance of 85 kilometers. From Belgrade to Rtanj is some 205 km. Hiking on Rtanj mountain is a special experience. After all, you will see! From Sokobanja to Rtnje is about 20 km away, so you can go that way.

Hiking Rtanj mountain

You can climb the Rtanj mountain from several sides. If you are going to conquer the peaks of Šiljak and Rtanj mountain from Sokobanja, go first towards Aleksinac. After about 4 kilometers, turn right and go straight towards the village of Muzinac. And you continue driving as far as you can (up to the sign), until the side turn. And then walk to the top of Šiljak. This trail is the easiest.

If you go from the direction of Boljevac to Rtanj, you can first go to the village of Rtanj, and from there on foot. This counts as a climb to Rtanj from the south.

The ascent to Rtanj from the north is from the village of Mirovo. It is also possible from the northwest side, from the village of Lukovo.

“Saint Jovan Biljober” event

Saint John Biljober event is a manifestation dedicated to picking medicinal herbs on Rtanj mountain. Apart from the pyramidal shape, this mountain is rich in medicinal herbs. Hence its fantastic scent. This event is organized in the summer, in the middle of the year. And it lasts for a few days. In addition to picking herbs, there is also education for collectors and breeders of herbs. All in order to animate tourists and have a good time.

Rtanj mountains magic the most famous pyramid in Serbia

The highest peak of Mt Rtanj Serbia is on peak Šiljak (1564m). Except it, there are two more notable peaks Kusak (1309m) and Preslo (1405m). Rtanj looks like three sided pyramid, and is one of most popular mountaineering destination in Serbia.

Hiking Mt. Rtanj is great adventure for hikers and adventurists. Mountain Rtanj in Serbia is Serbian Adventure itself, that should be experienced. Recommended by us. Rtanj mountain has very interesting flora. For that reason many people are gathering plants here and preparing Rtanj tea.

Characteristics of Rtanj tea are very wide. It improves health in diabetics problems, immune system, digestive problems, and urinary channels problems. Legend is, Rtanj tea can be used even as en aphrodisiac. It is located about 75km from city of Niš.

Nearest larger populated semantically are town Boljevac, and Sokobanja spa. When is clear weather you can see half of Serbia from it’s top. When it’s not, you can see only the clouds around you.

On the top of the mountain you can see ruins of building that was built in 1934. In a name of owner of a mine on a mountain that no longer works. Many mountaineering events are in relations with this mountain.

Legends of Rtanj mountain

Rtanj mountain legends can be divided in to two theories. The first legend is about that this mountain is created by aliens. Some of the ones who were on top say that they hear strange voices there and feel great energy.

Other is that this only pyramid in Europe. No matter which theory is your favorite, it’s sure that there is great energy on it. And some more.

Diverse flora is growing on mountain itself. Rtanj tea is most famous of them (Saturea montana and Saturea satyris).  It is very efficient in health treatment for disease of breathing organs.

By one legend, that is no longer active, on the end of the world that should happened on 21.12.2012, only safe place in the world was on the mountain. We survived 🙂

Rtanj mountain

Different flora grows on the mountain Rtanj. Rtanj tea is certainly one of the most famous types of tea in Serbia (Saturea montana and Saturea satyris). This tea is named after the mountain where the unique is of this mountain grows. Apart from that tea, there is also the village of Vrmdža. Also, if you are here, you can enjoy the climb to Rtanj and also the legends of Rtanj. All this in one place. And if you get hungry, go to Vrmdža village. There you can try some local specialties, Vrmdza cheese, sheep and goat milk. And also Rtanj lamb, drink plum brandy and Rtanj tea.

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Average year temperature for Rtanj mountain Serbia

In eastern Serbia you can also visit Fellix Romuliana, Lazar’s canyon and Lazar’s cave, Stol mountain near town Bor.

Pyramid in eastern Serbia, Magic mountain Serbia, Siljak peak mountain

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