Rgotsko lake, pearl of Eastern Serbia

Rgotsko lake, in Rgota village, near Zaječar. It is located on about 10 kilometar from Zaječar, and 110km from city of Niš. It is in the same time one of favorite picnic and weekend places of Zaječar region people. With more than a thousand people there every day from Zaječar and Bor.

It was founded by in 1978. Lake is small, about 3 square kilometers. Before that time, there was the mine on that place because of the flood. Official results say that it is second cleanest public water in lakes of Europe. And also, temperature of water is more than 25 degrees.

Rgotsko lake eastern Serbia, Easter Serbia lake, Rgotsko lake near Zaječar

And also if you love fishing, there is something here for you too. Fishes in the lake can be fished for personal use. Or for sports fishing. Even more, official contests are held on this lake.

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