Rajko’s cave would be interesting to you? Great! Where to find caves if you love to visit them? The Rajko’s cave is located in eastern Serbia, 2,5km from Majdanpek, and Bor about 190km from Niš. And also about 182km from Belgrade. It is one of the longest caves in the country. It has Rajko river runs throughout it.

Rajko’s cave near Majdanpek, eastern Serbia

The cave itself can be divided in two parts, lower river horizon and the upper dry one. Through cave tourists can see connected halls, canals and corridors, and impressive cave formations of stalactites, stalagmites, columns of snow white crystal calcite. Except them there are figures in cave created by nature. Snail, Egyptian Goddess are located in here. And also log with mushrooms.

The name Rajkos cave got it’s name after famous local hero Rajko. He was famous because in Ottoman time he was robbing them, and was Serbian Robin Hood. He hid his robbed treasure in the cave and around.

There is still legend about that till today. The cave is explored one part, some 2304m. For tourists is allowed to see about 1300m. In cave are living large numbers of bats. This is second cave in Serbia opened for tourists. That happened in 1972.

Eastern Serbia famous cave photos

Rajko’s cave is located on mountain Starica, near town Majdanpek. Here is also Djerdap National Park.

From the November of 2018 work hours in which you could visit the Rajko’s cave is 10 till 14, with initial call to to cave guide office.

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Inside of Rajkos cave Photo bySawaCC BY-SA 3.0; photo by Wanijak CC BY-SA 3.0