Rajačke Pimnice are part of production in Rajac village, near Negotin in eastern Serbia. It is famous for vine production in traditional way.

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Rajačke Pimnice

They are founded in 19th century and can be seen in ethno tours. You can taste or by domestic vines, or some local products such as cheese and other milk products. The peak of vine production is on 14th febrauary, on St. Trifuns day. You can visit them as a tourist with reservation in advance.

Where is village Rajac and Rajac Pimnice

If you want to go here and enjoy in this great vines of eastern Serbia, you could use coordinates N44.097944, E22.549538 and have your GPS take you directly to Rajac Village. This village, is located 50km from Zajecar and 25km from Negotin. Fron city of Nis it is about 140km, and 190km from Belgrade. Rajac Pimnice are about 15km from village Rajac.

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Top image is main gateway of Rajac wine cellar complexKevin WallisCC BY 2.0; Bottom images are The Rajac wine cellars Đorđe Alfirević CC BY-SA 3.0; Wine cellarZoranCvetkovicCC BY-SA 3.0; Streets of Rajac Kevin WallisCC BY 2.0; The Rajac wine cellars Đorđe AlfirevićCC BY-SA 3.0