Negotin square, horseman monument, church, center of Negotin, Hajduk Veljko Petrovic Monument

About Negotin

Negotin is especially relevant as center of Negotinska municipalities, and is located in eastern Serbia, about 150km from Niš. You can travel to it from Bor and Zaječar too. First found traces that first citizens of this territory were here before few thousand years, as one of first people in Europe. First written traces of settlers here are in 16thcentury, and when it became part of Otoman country.  In 18th century, rulers of this territory were changed. From Turkish to Austrian, and after, back to Turkish rule. In 1833. it become part of Serbia permanently.

Today Negotin is modern municipality. Because Danube runs through it is great for fishing. You can see many natures pearls but one most important are Vratna stone gates and Rajac Pimnice, among many villages to see. Vratna stone gates are natural bridges. There are three of them.  Two of them are made as cave collapsed and the third is made by the river plunging. Vratna gates are stone bridges. There are three of them, Small, Big nad Dry.
Near by are Rajačke Pimnice. They are part of production in Rajac village. More about them can be found on post about Rajačke Pimnice. Except this that are most famous, there are more around Negotin. They are Rogljevske, Smedovačke, Štubičke i Bratujevačke brewery.

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Negotin and around

In Negotin and around there a lot more to see and experience. There is waterfall and cave. It is Hajducka cave and Mokrajnska rocks waterfall. Mokranjska rocks is favorite get away place in hot summer days for locals. For hiking lovers, here is Deli Jovan mountain. Ancient Roman ruins are located in village Slankamen, 25km from Negotin, called Sarkamen. It was built by roman ruler born in that place in 3rt centurie, Maksimin Dai. In Negotin itself, you could visit Archeological museum, museum of Duke Veljko, and house of famous compositor Stevan Mokranjac.

If you like church torus, visit monasteries Vratna, Bukovao and Koroglas. They are all built in 14th centuri. If you are hunting person, there are two hunting grounds here for you.

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Top photo CC BY-SA 3.0 ; Bottom photo Vratna stone gates by CrniBombarder!!!CC BY-SA 3.0