National Park Djerdap story is talking about Eastern part of the Republic of Serbia. Djerdap Serbia, as people here call it, consists of multiple parts. Every of them can be taken as separate one. Size of National park is about 94000 hectares.

Djerdap National park in Serbia

It is National park form 1974. Living conditions here are very good. As a result, life in this region was known even in prehistoric age. Location of National Park Djerdap is in Eastern Serbia. And also around town Donji Milanovac, bordering with town Kladovo.

Complete National park Djerdap consists of multiple parts, which are Golubac gorge, Ljupkovo gorge, Gospodjin vir gorge, Kazan gorge, Sipska gorge, Donji Milanovac valley, Oršava valley and Vlahia pontia basin.

National park Djerdap Serbia on Danube

Two thirds of Djerdap Serbia park is under forest. Djerdap Gorge is longest and deepest gorge in Europe. Nicknamed Iron Gate, because it’s importance and part through history. This way was known event in ancient Rome. From that time there are monuments like Trians bridge, Traian table, Lepenski vir, and Ancient Roman locality Diana. And also Hydro power plant Djerdap.

Djerdap National Park Eastern Serbia, Panorama Djerdap Serbia, Djerdap Gorge, Danube

Four smaller gorges are connected in on bigger, Djerdap gorge in Serbia. They are Gospodjin vir, Mali and Veliki kazan and Golubac gorge. Further more to say, as Danube is big European river, it’s deepth here is 90meters. Danube is widest here, about 7km.

And that is one of world deepest rivers. Except that National park Djerdap has one more thing. Here is located biggest face sculpture in Europe. It is dedicated to Dacian king Decabel. It was built about twenty years ago, by Romanian businessman. Except cruising on Danube and Djerdap National Park and history one more thing is important. It is hiking.

The main thing is to contact office oof public company for tourism and to let them know you are coming. Even more, there are fishing and Ornythology (Bird watching), Hunting, Cycling possibilities. Information for hunters that they can hunt deer’s, wild boars, rabbits.

Hunting in National park Djerdap

And also jackals, wolfs, and fox. More than 200 species of different kind of birds can be seen her. More about mountain Miroč read on our page here. For fisherman’s there are Tekija areas, Bosman Lepenski Vir, Livadica, Golubinje, Pecka bara, Hajdučke vodenice and Porečki zaliv as places recommended for fishing. And also Mrakonja monastery. Also in Djerdap Serbia are located many outflow caves. All year average temperature in Djerdap National Park by months is

Djerdap Serbia weather, Natural park Djerdap weather, 12 months weather in Kladovo and around

Veliki Liškovac peak is on mountain Liškovac. It’s located between towns of Majdanpek and Donji Milanovac. Altitude abouve sea level of this peak is 803 meter. Together with Miroč mountain it represents Iron Gate of the Danube river.

Hiking in Djerdap National Park

Mountain Miroč is located in Djerdap National park, in Eastern Serbia. There are the great viewpoint peaks. Veliki Štrbac is highest one, about 768m. Because it’s importance through history there are some traces of that today.

“Via Danubius” was ancient Roman military road located here. Under Veliki Štrbac peak are viewpoints Ploče, with three viewpoint areas. And also in the same time, Veliki Štbac is highest peak of the mountain Miroč, 768m. For people who enjoy hiking, there are seven trails.

They are Veliki and Mali Štrbac, Kovilovo, Greben, Gradašnica, Zlatno jezero (Golden lake), Bosman Sokolovac. Veliki Štrbac is tral of 7,6 km lenght. Ends on peak Veliki Štrbac, altitude of 768m. Mali Štrbac is second trail.

The name is from peak Mali Štrbac, where this trail finishes. Kovilovo hiking trail is about 1km long. Got it’s name after Kovilovo viewpoint on Miroč mountain. Greben hiking trail on Djerdap national park has highest altitude of 230m. It is about 2,5km long.

Hiking trail Gradašnica got it’s name after cave Gradašnica located on the end of a trail. It’s located on 380m sea level altitude. This cave is 520m long and can be visited. Zlatno (Golden ) lake trail for hikers, is 4,4km long.

Location of trail is on 308m altitude. It is named after Zlatno lake where this hiking trail ends. Last hiking trails is Sokolovac. It is located on 683m altitude. Sokolovac trail has about 10km length. Except this there are more hiking trails here.

Golubac Gorge and Golubac fortress In National park Djerdap Eastern Serbia

Golubac fortress eastern Serbia panorama, Golubac fortress reconstruction, Golubac panorama, Golubac gorge beauty

Is located near town Golubac. The town got it’s name after the Golubac fortress. This location represents west side of National park Djerdap. Golubac fortress is main tourist attraction and most noteworthy place here.

Because this Golubac fortress is middle age fortress build by Serbian kingdom. But exact time of original built of Golubac attraction is unknown. It is built on foundation of ancient Roman fortress. It has long history of battles connected with its past. Today it is protected by state of Serbia.

And also large reconstruction work are being done to get it back to it’s previous state. Through history it was controlled by Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgaria, Ottoman and Hungary. The today’s fortress in Golubac consists of 10 towers. Read more about Golubac fortress. Very near to Golubac fortress are located two ancient Romans settlement. Castrum Nove dates from I century. And other is Vicus Cuppae dates from II century.

From Belgrade to Golubac is around 130km, and from Niš to Golubac is about 220km. If you take another way to travel to there it can be more, to maximum 280km.

Starica mountain in Gorge Djerdap Serbia

Majdanpek and panorama view from Starica mountain, Majdanpek and mining hole, Majdanpek landscape

Starica is mountain in territory of town Majdanpek. As also Djerdap Natural Park is. On this mountain is located Rajko’s cave. Town Majdanpek is mining town. From top of Starica mountain you can see whole landscape. The town, the mining’s. This mountain is great for hiking also. Especially if you are not pro. It is not very high. Highest point is on 796m, above sea level.

Here are also Valja gates, stone gates similar as Vratna gates near Negotin. Valja Gates (Prerast) is stone gates, carved by the nature. With rivers help. Another name of this Valja Gates is Hollow Rock. Distance of town Majdanpek from city of Niš is about 180km. From Capital of Serbia Belgrade is about 190km.

Veliki Zaton lake in Djerdap Serbia

Veliki Zaton is artificial lake north of town Majdanpek. It is great for fishing enjoyment in Serbia. Veliki Zaton is formed from river Mali Pek. That is river what runs through Rajko’s cave.

Lepenski Vir locality in National Park Djerdap Serbia

Lepenski vir Southern Serbia ancient object foremother, Ancient object from Lepenski vir Serbia, Ancient locality statue
Lepenski vir Djerdap Serbia main settlement area, Ancient resident area, Main settlement area in Lepenski vir

Lepenski vir locality is one of world most important history monuments. It is located about 15km from town Donji Milanovac. It was found in 1965. History of Lepenski vir in Djerdap National Park dates back to 8000 years bc. Here once was resident area. Traces of that are uncovered till today. It is presumed that findings are form Mesolithic and Neolithic period archaeological sites. From findings till today it is presumed that people here were advanced for that time. And also they were aware of need to create firm relationship in society. And that was beginning of art, burial ritual, tools and more.

Tools of that time were crafted form bones and stone. As such old finding is found, it is important to point that even in society that was so primitive to today standards, they were building some form of houses. Except that, they sacrificed animals, and had religion of that time.

Diana fortress in Djerdap national park

Diana fortress near Kladovo Serbia, Ancient fortress ruins, Kladovo Danube fortress from 1 century

Ancient Roman fortress Diana is located near town Kladovo in Eastern Serbia. It dates form 1st century. As such, is of great history importance so it’s protected by State of Serbia. It had active role in conquering Dacia. Except this role, it is important because it was advance for that time.

Today findings tell us that there was floor heating in parts of Diana Fortress. From that time, turbulent history of this area, is experienced by this fortress also. It was destroyed few times, as it changed rule. After all, it got it’s part in 6th century in protecting the Danube transportation. Next to it is power plant Djerdap.

In ancient times name of today’s fortress Diana was next to Zanes town. In fortress was stationed more that thousand people. And that led to forming the Zanes town next to fortress.

Klаdоvo medieval fortress (Fеtislаm)

When this fortress was finished, defense line of Ottoman Empire on Danube was complete. It is second largest Dunav Fortress. The fortress in Kladovo was built on foundation of antic city Zanes in 1524. Fetislam fortress got it’s name because two words, Fethi Islam. Which means Guardian of peace.

It was built on order of Ottoman ruler Suleiman the Great, by Bali Bey commander. After all this time, this fortress is planned to be restored and preserved. Kladovo fortress consists of two parts. Big and Small fortress. History of the fortress was very turbulent. It changed owners multiple times. And after all that got deserted in 1867.

Near Djerdap Gorge in Serbia is town Kladovo. This city is eastern border of National Park Djerdap. Near Kladovo, on boarder with Romania is also Power plant Djerdap. And also Rako’s cave is located very near National park Djerdap. And also, near Kladovo once was Trajan’s bridge. It was one of greatest building miracles in history.

Wild beauty of National Park Djerdap is contributed by Blederija waterfall.

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