Mountain Miroč is located in National Park Djerdap. Mountain is in Eastern Serbia. It can be counted as border of Western part of Eastern Serbia. This mountain, while not much in altitude, has another advantages. They are in great nature and numerous speleology objects.

Ancient fortress Gerulantis, was on the mountain. Today ruins from Roman time, can be seen on mountain Miroč. More than thousand kinds of herbs grow growing on this mountain. And also in Roman time there was road on the mountain, Via Danubius.

About mountain Miroč in National park Djerdap

It is not the highest mountain. Highest altitude of Miroč mountain is 768m. Highest Peak is Veliki Štrbac, and after Mali Štrbac. To this peaks there are hiking trails. One hiking trail to Veliki Štrbac Peak. Other hiking trails is to Mali Štrbac peak. This mountain area is covering major part of National Park Djerdap.

View in Djerdap Serbia, Miroc mountain view, Veliki Strbac viev

Veliki Liškovac peak is on mountain Liškovac. It’s located between towns of Majdanpek and Donji Milanovac. And also it’s not of the highest mountains. Altitude above sea level of this peak is 803 meter. Together with Miroč mountain it represents Iron Gate of the Danube river.

Legends about Miroč mountain

Today, there is place called Marko’s stone. By the old legend, here was stone of horse Šarac. That was horse of Serbian ancient fictional hero Marko Kraljević. He was superhero in songs. And as such, he had a superhero horse Šarac.

Because the horse stepped in stone and left the trace there. It’s unknown what has happened to the stone till today. But place where it once was is still there. That is the legend of place Markos stone on Miroč mountain in Djerdap National Park.

Second legend say, that here was one of places where legendary fairy Raviojla took the herbs when she was to cure the warriors. There is abandoned monastery from 14th century named

Korogaš monastery, where legend also say Marko Kraljević was cured after Rovine battle. History facts presume that maybe this is burial place of him. It is unverified. This place is also mentioned in ancient Serbian folk songs.

And also in Djerdap National Park is located Blederija waterfall

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