Lazar canyon location

Lazars canyon is nature reserve territory located in eastern Serbia. It is about 19 km from town Bor. You can take bus there or go through Brestovac spa. From city of Niš is about two hours drive, or 150km. It is part of Kučaj mountain, under the Malinik top (Big Malinik 1157m) of mountain. There about 70 caves and pits in canyon. And it is still unexplored. Most important caves here are Lazar’s caves (Zlot) and Vernjikica caves. They are all also known as Zlot caves.

Lazars canyon, East Serbia canyon, Lazars canyon nature

Lazars canyon legends

By one ancient legend it got it’s name after Knez Lazar,Serbian ruler. After the Marica battle, he and his soldiers came here for some time to recover and relax. During Ottoman Empire fighting, here was one of great hideouts of Serbian fighters hajuduks.Other legend say that this canyon got it’s name by hajduk Lazar. He was one of this regions defenders from Ottomans. The story is that he robbed the Ottoman enemies and buried the treasure somewhere in canyon.

About Lazar’s canyon

It is in the same time longest and deepest canyon of eastern Serbia. In it’s width smallest distance is about four meters, and is about 500 meters deep. Today, the canyon is protected by Republic of Serbia. It is long about 13 km with it’s three parts, Mikulj, Demižloka and Veja. With rivers of same name. Two of them, Demižloka and Mikulj are sinking rivers. One more thing is important about this location. Here is one of rare places where you can see Carpathian lynx (lynx lynx carpathicus). It is cat species that is already extinct in most of Europe. That is wild cat that is biggest of wild cat species on the European continent.

Lazars canyon, East Serbia canyon, Lazars canyon nature

Basic length of Lazar’s canyon itself is about 4,5km. This tourist point is must if you have time, because of rock formation (150m high) called Tower in Mikulj part and flora and fauna world here. Also, if you go on view point Kovej to see whole canyon from there. In Lazar’s canyon are about 20% of all flora in State of Serbia. Kovej is located on 740m of altitude.

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