Grliško lake near Zaječar

Grliško lake is located in Eastern Serbia. About 16km from Zaječar. Using small boats is forbidden as fishing with nets. Fishing on this lake is allowed in small quantities. Near it is also Felix Romuliana.

Grliško lake near Zaječar, East Serbia lake, Grliško lake east Serbia

This lake is founded in artificial way in 1989. It was created by putting a dam on Grliška river. Above all functions of the lake, primary one is water supply reservoir for next door city of Zaječar. And also, it is spread over 100ha with no surrounding tourist objects. But, next to the lake there is monastery of Peter and Paul. Near is another lake “Rgotsko lake” too. Except the church, there are no object near. And also there are no tourist accommodation objects around.

In village Grlište, where is lake located, there is thermal well. So if you are headed this way you could use it. Local people say that water is good for stomach problems.

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