Golubac fortress in east Serbia is one of most fascinating fortresses on Danube. As Djerdap gorge, this castle is also near town Golubac. This area represent western border of National park Djerdap. Castle Golubac, as it’s also known, is main tourist attraction and most famous location in this part of Serbia.

Golubac fortress in Serbian National park Djerdap

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That is because of long history of this fortress. Theories are that it is lasting form the period of Serbian medieval kingdom. Beside that theory, there are no exact knowledge of built of this castle. Golubac is built on foundation of ancient Roman fortification. Fortress of Golubac got its name after “Golub” that is Serbian word for pigeon.

Golubac fortress has, as all area around, long history of battles. Today, it is under protection of State of Serbia. And also, large project of restoration was taken in 2014. till 2019. to put it in previous condition. Through history rulers of this territory and this castle also were Byzantines, Serbians, Bulgarians, Ottoman Turks, Austria Hungarians. Golubac fortress today consists of 10 defense towers.

Except this attraction you can see Roman building and Turkish bath. near the fortress you have two location of Roman locality. Castrum Nove is from I century. Second is from second century and that’s Vicus Cuppae.

Golubac Serbia

All fortress is divided in to five zones, five parts of fortress. Named after colors. They are green, blue, black,red and white. White is not allowed for visitors.

Most difficult for visitors is Black zone. It is not recommended to visitors with heart problems, because of difficult conditions. Visiting this part of fortress is allowed only with official guides and and adult persons. Prices of ticket for Black zone of Golubac fortress are 1200 Serbian dinars. With that ticket you can visit blue zone also.

Blue zone of Golubac fortress is normal difficult level concerning strength needed for visiting it. Ticket prices for Blue zone of Golubac is 800 dinars. Or you can visit it with ticket for Black zone. It is possible to be visited by groups of five people max. And also it is not allowed for miners.

Slightly harder for visitors is Red zone. Groups of five people maximum can be accompanied with official guide of the complex of Golubac. It is also unavailable to miners. Price of individual ticket to this zone is 800 dinars.

Green zone of Golubac fort is zone with most freedom in the complex. Miners can be admitted if accompanied with parents. And also, different to other zones, it is available for disabled people. For group visits it is needed to be accompanied by official guides of Golubac complex.

Ticket prices for green zone are 600 dinars for individual tickets, for ten or more people 450 dinars, excursion tickets are 150 dinars for Palace entrance. Kids of 12-18 years old pay 120 dinars ticket prices. Senior of retirement organizations pay 300 dinars ticket prices.

Golubac towers

Golubac fortress has ten defense towers connected with paths and walls. First tower of Golubac is nicknamed Hat tower or Donzon defense tower. Third tower is looking on Danube river. All them combined represent part of Iron gate, defense system of Djerdap.

Tower ten is smaller than other but it has cannon openings in walls. By the zones zou can see tower 9,8 and 5 in Green zone. Tower 4 is Blue zone. Tower 1 is Black zone. In Red zone you can see tower 7. Towers 6 and 3 are located in White zone.

History of Golubac fortress

It’s unknown who are first builders of fortress of Golubac. Or there are any written traces of that. But also, one thing is sure. On this territory, there were many fights. And often. Golubac fortress was restored and open for public in march of 2019. Around the fortress some object are built, and together with fortress they form Golubac fortress complex.

From the year 1948. this fortress is under protection of Republica Serbia , and from 1979. is one of minument sof exceptional importance. First writen traces of this object are from 1335. In some theories this fort was built in time of Serbian kingdome. It is known that in 14th century it was part of Austro Hungarian Empire. And later, till battle of Kosovo in 1389. it was Serbian territory. After that in Ottoman, and latter again in Serbian possession.

Legends of Golubac fortress

The Golubac complex, town or fortress, got its name after pigeon. That is because towers of fortress look like pigeon on the rock. By one of the legends in the highest tower of Golubac was prison for Byzantine princess Jelena. In that difficult situation, her only company at that time were pigeons.

By the other legend, young army general of Ottoman army fell in love in local girl named Golubiajana. Because love to him was not mutual, he ordered her to be punished and be tied on the rocks. That is the also reason of the name of rock in the middle part of Danube river, that is “baba kaj” – redeem yourself.

Working hours of Golubac fortress

Working hours of Golubac complex are different on every month in a year. On Monday fortress is closed. Working hours in January and February from 10 to 15 hours. In March, Golubac fortress working hours are from 10 to 16. April, May, Jun, July and August Golubac complex is working from 10 to 19. In September working hours are from 10 to 18.

In October visiting time is from 10 to 17. November working time is from 10 to 16. December visiting time is from 10 to 15 hours. Telephone numbers for contac in Golubac fortress are 012 638798 and 012 638794. Location od Golubac fortress is 15, 12222 Golubac.

Prices of entrance to Golubac

When you come to Golubac fortress you can park your vehicle on parking there. Prices of parking are different, and depending of vehicle. Parking of motors and cars is 100 dinars. Parking of mini buses and vans is 300 dinars. Group visits to Golubac are possible with obligatory announcement in advance at least a day.

For group visits ticket prices are 200 Serbian dinars. Most important of all is that you can call to announce your visit on telephones 012638798 i 012638794 or email info@tvrdjavagolubackigrad.com . Golubac fortress complex is open for visitors every day except Monday from 10 to 15.

From capital Belgrade to Golubac there are about 130km. City of Nis is located on about 220km away from Golubac. And that is shorter road. In 2019. restoration of fortress is finished and its opened for visits.

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Golubac fortress is by Boris Dimitrov CC BY-SA 4.0 ; Third photo is by Cleves Kristensen CC BY-SA 2.0 Instagram photos belong to their copyright owners