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Location of Gamzigrad Spa

Gamzigrad Spa in located in eastern Serbia. And is one of  mineral water spas in that part of the country. Spa has 5 wells. One with  cold water and four with hot. Temperature of Spa water is 32, 39, 41 and 42 degrees for hot water and for cold thermal spring is 17 Celsius degrees. The mineral properties were known even in ancient Romans time, and emperor Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximianus. Health condition can be heal and improve orthopedic diseases and post traumatic, peripheral blood vessels and lymphatic system. Articular and articular forms of rheumatism, degenerative joint, growth anomalies in children, neurological diseases, connective tissue, and gynecological problems too. Near by is Felix Romuliana.

Especially relevant and modern baths in Spa started in year 1920. But first traces of health treatment date since 1835.

Furthermore Gamzigrad Spa is ideal for field of sports training. As much as tourism destination with opportunities for excursions. It offers all the necessary conditions for it: nature, mountains, fields for small sports, football and tennis courts, indoor swimming pools, gyms … There is a possibility of professional sports training under the expert supervision of a doctor specialized in sports medicine. Therefore in the Special hospital Gamzigrad work and tests for blood and heart pressure that are essential for professional athletes. Especially relevant, beside a gym and tennis courts and medical supervision, is nature and its position due to clean air and climate. It incredibly beneficial impact on the athletes, and their training and healing.

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