Ancient Ottoman or Turkish name for town Kladovo was Fetislam. This fortress was built for keeping peace and protection of their borders in that time. Name was given after Turkish words Feht-ul-islam, which means gates of peace, or protector of faith. Also it’s purpose was to be foundation camp for expanding Ottoman Empire further. It was built on the order of the Suleiman the Great, Ottoman Emperor. Serbian historic name of this fortification is Svetislav. And, from 1867. it is finally in hands of Serbia. before that, it was in hands of many other conquerors of that territory. Kladovo fortress was built in 1524.

Kladovo fortress

Fetislam fortress near Kladovo in Eastern Serbia is home of great sports complex, one of the best in Serbia today. In addition, large object as this, with size of 14 hectares, it can be divided in two parts. Large and small fortress (docks). Inside the Large town (Large fortress) there are multiple objects of various purpose, needed for that time. They are magazine, armory, mosque, bath etc. Little fortress is part of Kladovo fortress that is closer to water.

Kladovo fortress Fetislam today

Above all, Large part of Kladovo fortress has stone ramparts. It has three gates. Main one is Varoš gate in south part. Other two are Orospi gate southwestern part and Danube gate in northeast part. They are protected with six towers. Firstly, the Fetislam itself is surrounded with trenches. They had purpose to be filled with water from Danube, if needed, for protection. Secondly, you could enter to fortress from three sides. Today there are many object from that period. They are armory, magazine, streets, houses etc.

Near Fetislam fortress are Kladovo , town in Eastern Serbia. And also Diana fortress

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