one of entrances to felix romuliana, ancient roman fortress in serbia

 Felix Romuliana (Gamzigrad) today

Another place where to find Roman traces in Serbia is UNESCO protected Roman complex named Felix Romuliana (Gamzigrad). Furthermore it represents residency of Emperor Galerius. In ancient city Romuliana. Named by founder of Emperor Caius Valerius Galerius Maximianus, in the late 3rd and early 4th century. And finally destroyed probably in 7th century. Invading Slavs probably destroyed it. In 1983. there was found inscription Felix Romuliana, which means Happy Romuliana. Especially relevant it was known as Felix Romuliana. And probably named after the Emperor’s mother Romula. The main area covers 40000 square meters. In conclusion, Felix Romuliana is a popular tourist stop. Most of all, on the Roman Emperors trail which links the birthplaces of over 17 Roman Emperors born on the territory of modern Serbia.

This territory has three Roman Emperors were born in this municipality (modern Zaječar, Serbia). Galerius ruled in period 293-311 and Maximinus ruled in period 305-312 also Licinius ruled in period 308-324 are that three emperors.

Exavations of Felix Romuliana (Gamzigrad)

Early explorers believed that Felix Romuliana was Roman military camp. Because of size and many towers. Most of all, the real history of complex was yet to be researched. Construction probably started in 298 AD near the birthplace of Emperor Galerius. Decorations were on all buildings. All with frescoes, mosaics and decorations of great historical and artistic value. Romuliana is located on the “Magura” hill are burial place for Galerius nad his mother Romula.

Many theories were about Felix Romuliana. In 1953. as a result of them, it was revealed it was imperial palace, even if it was maybe not as what is firstly thought. Probably, especially relevant, first search for them were in the center of the complex. Felix Romuliana complex is one of most noteworthy and preserved monuments. In Serbia and also the whole world. Especially relevant looking about that era in the world. As a result of some other theories Galerius died on his way to palace and buried in Sofia. On the other theory Galerius is buried in this complex. And also in same theory he died on the way to Sofia.

As a result of excavations pilasters of Emperors Diocletian, Constantine, Galerius, Maximian, Licinius and Maximinus are here today. And also portraits of Roman emperors in Egyptian purple stone. And another great finding is statue of Diana, goddess of hunting.

Working hours and ticket prices

Entrance ticket for locality Felix Romuliana is 300 Serbian dinars (about 2,5 euros) for adults, and if they want to visit only this museum. If they want to visit Museum in Zajecar and Radul beg house, you can buy combined ticket for 400 dinars. For children from 7 to 12 years old and seniors prices are 300 dinars for combined ticket.

Working hours of this locality is different from the period of the year. In pear season from 1.4. to 31.10. it’s every day from 8 to 18 hours. Out of the season, 1.11. to 31.3. it is from 8 to 16. In high season there are official tourist guides of locality. Out of the season they can be arranged. So for that reason you should contact us about your arrival to museum. You can use this contact for that or other question 019 422930 or email

History of Felix Romuliana (Gamzigrad)

Finally barbarians destroyed the city in 5th century. And that is century after Justinian restored the place among other things. In conclusion, tourists can find great complex of ancient ruins. Also tourist can see once powerful city.

Top image is Gamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius, UNESCO world heritage site photo by AlxadjCC BY-SA 3.0;Lower gallery is by Aleksandra Malek, Photo by Pudelek CC BY-SA 3.0 rs, Goran Andjelic CC BY-SA 3.0 rs; Photo by Vesna Vujicic-Lugassy CC BY-SA 3.0-igo, Other photos Mosaic of Greek god Dionysus, Ruins of East Gate by Pudelek PCC BY-SA 3.0 rs