About Donji Milanovac Serbia

Donji Milanovac is small place in Bor county, in Majdanpek town. Certainly, it is not one of biggest places. More than 3000 citizens are living here today. As also in the surrounding area, here can be found very old traces of humanity and human origins from long time ago. They can be seen in Lepenski Vir.

Today’s name of the town is after prince Milan Obrenović. And before name of today it was called Poreč. It is located on riverside of Danube, near locality Lepenski Vir and National park Djerdap. It’s location today is in central place of National park Djerdap.

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History of Donji Milanovac

Firstly, it’s name once was Poreč. That was the name given because river is near by. To clarify, in Serbian Language river is “reka”. And “Poreč” means “by the river”. And today’s name is after son of prince Miloš Obrenović, Milan. The town itself was founded in 19th century on nearby island of Danube. Through history there were frequent problems with floods.

And the ruler of Serbia prince Miloš decided to move the city completely. The location he choose is today location of existing town. One thing is important to be said about that. Most important about this town is first populated place in Serbia to be built by town planning schema in Serbia.

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