Diana fortress story dates from time of Roman Emperor Traian in first century. Firstly it was conquered and ruined in 5th century. After that it was rebuilt. It took it’s final shape in VI century, before Slav tribes invading. It was finally destroyed in sixth century. Till than it’s purpose was defending that part of Roman Empire. And also as base for expanding wars. This was one of biggest fortresses of Roman Empire.

Diana fortress in Serbia today

Diana fortress near Kladovo Serbia

As long gone object it is full with things that need to be discovered. In today’s times there are excavations held here. Also, it is one of most preserved history monuments of that time today. Recently there are numerous archeological excavations. It’s protected by Republic of Serbia as monument of great historic value. Except the fortress itself here are located many traces of past times. Figure of God Tot was found here in 1981 is remarkable discovery for whole world. Ancient name of this fortress was in graved on figure. It was “Statio Cataractarum Diana” which means River station Diana. First scanning of this terrain started in 1964 and first excavations started from 1978. There are four gates in fortress. In and around the fortress are found lots of objects from that time. Near this fortress is ancient city Zanes. Some sources say that the city and fortress were same thing.

Fortress was very much developed for that time. It had heating, and also housing objects for about thousand soldiers. It was one of most noteworthy military and administrative objects in that time.

Diana fortress is located in eastern Serbia, about 8km from Kladovo town. And also 205 km from city of Niš and 110 from city of Zaječar. From capital Belgrade it’s about 290km to this fortress in eastern Serbia. Except this fortress near Kladovo is Fetislam fortress too. Another one of fortresses from that time is Pontes. Also located in this area.

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