Emperor Trajan’s bridge

Emperor Trajan’s bridge. Or Via Traiana. Once, there was one of greatest achievements of all time. Among other things, ancient bridge built in time of Emperor Trajan is located also here. Near Kladovo, connecting it with today’s Turn Severin town in Romania. Reason for doing so grandiose project was to conquer them. There was Dacia in that time. It was in two years, starting in 103. And also it was 1070 meters long and 14,5 meters width. It was first time exact measured in 1982. Before that, it was presumed that it was few meters longer.

Trajan’s bridge

Emperor Trajans bridge in Djerdap Eastern Serbia, Trajans bridge near Kladovo Serbia, Trajan's bridge

For about 1000 years period it was longest bridge in history of the world. Today, there are pillars ruins that can be seen. All the rest is destroyed. Bridge itself was probably destroyed to prevent invading enemies not to cross the Danube. Pillars who left after that were destroyed by time or water. But also, in today’s times ruins of foundations on riverside can be seen. Copy of one pillar can be seen in museum in Kladovo town. Bridge was also one of the biggest accomplishments in the world by now. Architect of this bridge was one of greatest of that time Apolodor from Damascus.

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