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Bor lake Eastern Serbia

Bor’s lake, for your perfect enjoyment! And also if you are a lake person, and love the nature around them, you can visit this one. It is near Bor and is artificial lake in eastern Serbia. The lake was founded in 1959. It is great in the summer, has four beaches and a vast forest around the lake. And in winter it is frozen. It is great for relax and congress and sports tourism. Especially relevant, near the lake there is two spa’s and two cave’s, Felix Romuliana that can be visited on excursion. Another thing to see are also Zlotska caves. In conclusion, it is fisherman’s heaven, and also every year lake is restocked with fishes. Bor’s lake is near town Bor. Near are some more mountains, ancient volcanoes Tilva njagra i Tilva mika, and also mountain Stol.

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Image is by tamburixCC BY-SA 2.0