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About Bor Serbia

If you want to visit Bor it is town in eastern Serbia, one of biggest, next to Negotin and Zaječar. It is mining area, with copper industry. In vicinity of Bor is gold mining town Majdanpek.
This territory is very old if we are talking about first people.

Traces of first people are found from Neolithic period. Mining were the main economic activity in the period of Roman domination in this region.

Until Ottomoan conqueror, in 15th century, it was part of Serbia territory. Austrian and Ottomans changed places as rulers of this part of Serbia.

That is, until, of beginning of 19th century and organizing of resistance of citizens of Timočka krajina (this part of territory). The fighting with periodical stop of fighting lasted till the final resistance and establishing Serbian state again in 1833.

Eastern Serbia coper Bor Mine

With one of the largest copper mines in Europe – RTB Bor. It has been a mining center since 1904, when a French company began operations there.Copper mining started in 1904. And lasts till today. Around Bor you can see Brestovačka spa, Peak Crni Vrh, Borsko Lake, Zlot caves, Lazar’s canyon, Stol mountain. Enjoyment in full.

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Panorama photo by Grozni LakiCC BY-SA 3.0