Blederija waterfall is the fall of river, of the Blederia river. Blederia waterfall of eastern Serbia is located close to town Kladovo, about 31km from it. From city of Zaječar its about 95km. From city of Niš it is almost 190km away. From city of Blegrade it’s 225km. It is created by nature for all nature lovers. It is pearl of nature, not easily accessible. But for sure is worth an effort. But, closest of all are village Brza Palanka, about 10km, and Reka 4km.

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This beautiful waterfall of eastern Serbia is 7 meters high. After fall water goes to pond of mystical green color. With surrounding green nature is amazing.

Waterfall Blederija near Kladovo Serbia

History of this place date from Roman time. Here was road to Danube, also from Miroč mountain.

Great waterfall Blederia video

And also near here are some more tourist attractions. They are Rajko’s cave, Valja Gates. And also Lepenski Vir. Starica mountain is also near Djerdap national park Serbia and also to Blederia waterfall.

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