The town of Vranje, Vranje, View for a distance

The town of Vranje

  For one who loves great food and ethno music, Vranje is town in south Serbia, about 110km from Niš they have to travel. Even for a short time. It is ancient, but date of first settlements is unknown. First traces are form Roman time, 6th century, that say that they conquered it from old settlers. This territory become finally Serbian 1207. Till than Rulers of this territory were different. Rich history of this town is including Turkish ruling from 15th to 19th century. It was occupied in 20th century for a short time by Bulgarian army and liberated with the rest of Serbia. Today it is modern and traditional town in one. Few factories are developer of this part of territory, but when we are talking about fun time here we can point that kafana and trumpet are the best part of it.
It got it’s name after Serbian word “vran” that means black. Town was conquered by Ottoman empire on 14.06.1455. and was very important in that period. Many rich Muslim citizens have build some attractions of that time, such as Turkish bath, several mosques and Pašin konak. Pašin konak was residence of Paša, title of important gentleman such as mayor or chairman of district.

What are they famous for in Vranje

This area is famous for trumpet ethno orchestras. All play, all fun, all day. Ethno food and drinks are great here too.
Samsa from here is great and tasty food, and its trademark for this town. As that, this town has fer more delicious specialities for your taste. This is area of great vine. They won many trophies, domestic and world: Food and vine form Vranje region . There are many legends about this territory that you can find out when visiting them.
Top image Panorama of Vranje byMoravacCC BY-SA 3.0 rs
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