Vranjska Spa is located near, about 11km, from Vranje, 100km from Niš, in southern Serbia. It is one of two spa’s, other is Bujanovačka Spa. From capital of Serbia, Belgrade, it is about 340km to Kuršumlija. First mention of The Spa is in 4th century, notary of Emperor Dušan. During Ottoman era, it was widely used by the invading Ottomans, but they did not invest in developing of The Spa.

Vranjska Spa southern Serbia

After liberation, this spa got name Vranjska Spa, after town near by. Before that it’s name was Ilidža. It is one of Royal spa’s in Serbia. Here you can see tub where royal family had baths. The Vranjska spa il in Pčinja county in southern Serbia.

The spa of Vranje characteristics

This spa is spa with hottest water in Europe. Healthy water in thermomineral wells of this spa temperature is between 96-111 °C. Because of this, the water in Vranje spa is cooled to be used in medical pools. Except that, treatments are done with mud for therapy and relax of guest in spa. Beside those two here is possible inhalation as medical treatment. In Vranjska spa, are cured many things as rheumatic diseases, post traumatic conditions, neurological diseases, and breathing organs problems. Medical wells in here have, except highest temperature, minerals and is rich in sulfur and slightly alkaline.

Today, this spa is modern health resort, open for medicine treatments, sports activities or relaxing. Medicine treatments done here are all forms of rheumatism, post traumatic states, gynecological, digestive organ disorders, neurological disorders and skin disorders.

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Vranjska spa photo credit by Slobodan Stojković