When you want to visit Prohor Pčinjski monastery, dedicated to St. Prohor Pčinjski, it is located near city of Vranje, in southern part of Serbia. Exact location is in village Klenike, Bujanovac town municipality. From Vranje is located on about 32km, from city of Nis 152km, and from Belgrade 375km. It is built beside river Pčinja.

History of Prohor Pčinjski monastery

First of all, it was founded by Byzantine emperor Romanos IV Diogenes. And in name of St.Prohor Pčinjski. By the legend, he was prophet who told Romanos IV Diogenes that he will be emperor. In addition, he was to build monastery to that debt. After his becoming a ruler, he built it here. Today’s monastery dates from the 11th century, built on the remains of the original. In 2020, the Prohor Pčinjski Monastery will celebrate 950 years of existence.

About Prohor Pčinjski

Prohor Pčinjski icones, inside of Serbian Orthodox monastery

Prohor Pcinjski monastery is unique for many things. As a result of that his remains are buried in this monastery. And reason for constructing it, there are more. Another thing, in this place is a big sleepover place where to sleep. You can sleep over in monastery accommodation for small amount of money. Be sure to contact them before you go there. In addition to that, in short previous time, one of the lodgings was turned to privately owned hotel. But that changed. Accommodation within the monastery where you can sleep and get something to eat. But with obligatory prior notice

From that time till today, it was destroyed several times, but always rebuilt. Last time church was renovated was at the end of 19th century, and accommodation was taken care of few years ago. In 2014. part of the roof of monastery was completely burnt down. In 2015. state of Serbia, local community and voluntary contributions funds are gathered to rebuild it. Especially relevant because this is second largest Serbian church monastery. After Hilandar. Certainly the largest in Serbia.

Monastery Prohor Pcinjski through centuries

This important monastery today, as always, have their notable role. From the very beginning, when the Byzantine emperor decided build it. Well through the centuries, and changes of government in this territory. And there were many of them. Byzantium, Serbia, then again Byzantium, Serbia. Ottomans and various other occupiers. And this monastery has always been important, to everyone. And to those who demolished it, and to those who built it.

A part of the Serbian army received communion in this monastery before leaving for the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. In addition, the Prohor Pcinjski Monastery gave its contribution to the organization of liberation movements against the Ottomans, and later. Meetings and agreements were accomplished here. If necessary, it was also a shelter for refugees in uprisings and wars. After the liberation from the Ottoman Empire in 1878. After which, on the Berlin Congress decision was made to remain a part of Ottoman Epire. Mills, lodgings, administrative part were built. The running water was introduced into the monastery. In 1913, he finally returned to the state of Serbia, with the liberation of this territory from the Ottomans. The monastery has become a nunnery in 1987. The Prohor Pcinjski Monastery became a male monastery again in 1993. In 2103, the royal residence celebrated 100 years of existence, and in 2014, a fire broke out there.

Prohor Pcinjski the Saint

The first Serbian Saint. He was born in the 11th century, but it is not known exactly what year. Luckily for the then hunter Diogenes, to whom he prophesied that he would become the ruler. Which came true. Later, the emperor of Byzantium, Diogenes IV Roman, went to look for a person who predicted success on Mount Kozak. He found his relics in a cave. On that place, he built the church of the Holy Apostle Luka. And on the right side of the river Pčinja, he built a monastery, Prohor Pčinjski. He laid his body there, which is still there today. Part of the relics was transferred to the monastery of Ljubostinja, part to Constantinople. The feast of Saint Prohor Pčinjski is celebrated on November 1.

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Top photo of Monastery Prohor Pčinjski byTomislav Ž. PopovićCC BY-SA 3.0 fourth and third credits by Slobodan Stojkovic, second photo by ТановичCC BY-SA 3.0 ; Icones of Prohor Pcinjski credits Vlada Maglov