Marko’s kale or Vranje fortress

Marko’s kale is one more place to visit for those who love history. Fortress of Vranje is near Vranje, about 5km. From city of Nis is about 127km, and from Belgrade is 350km. It is mentioned in first written traces of this area in 15th century.

In official Ottoman Empire documents it’s named as Fortress of Vranje. And also, unpredictable is the date of building of the fortress. Consequently in 1093, there was an attack and this was the fortress for defending the town.

Marko’s kale, ruins near Vranje

Marko’s kale legend, or Vranje fortress legend

At the later time it was thought that it was home of Serbian legendary hero Marko Kraljević. Most noteworthy, archeological excavation and investigations say that this fortress had is origins form ancient Roman times. And also, first traces date form time of Justinian the Great.  Today it is protected by the state.

Marko’s kale, fortress, ruins, church, ancient

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Bottom photo is by Чигот CC BY-SA 4.0