If you are fascinated with ancient fortress and cities, therefore you must see for you is Krševica kale. It is located in southern Serbia, near Vranje. In Krševica village. And it probably dates from 12th btc. It is presumed that this is ancient city of Damastion.

This is palce where more than 3000 people lived. Till about 3rd century btc, when it was destroyed. Center of culture in time of Alexander The Great (Alexander The Macedonian). It represent oldest settlement of this kind on Serbian territory. Great Fortress and the city in time of ruling of Filip and Alexander Macedonian was destroyed maybe in 279btc.

If all presumptions show up as true, this would be oldest settlement on territory of Serbia. The ancient city was built in Greek style. Kale is word of Turkish origin, that means defense fortress.

Krševica kale ancient locality

As a archeological result, today many findings can be found in this locality, as this coin used for transaction in that time. This area, Krševica Kale or Damastion, in that time, was famous for many silver mines.

But, position of them around ancient city of Damastion is unknown today. More than five thousand artifacts are found on this locality. Archeological excavation of Krševica kale started in 1966. and are still unfinished.

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Kale Krševice legend

By old legends, stories were that this ancient city was founded by some people from far away. It was unknown who they are or where did they came from, but it was known that they weer here for a long time. Legends of Krševica Kale say that they were miners in silver mines around the city.

By some ancient Greek writings, some people run away from wars on Peloponnese, but it was unknown where. Writings say, they formed new city, Damastion. Tu it was unknown where was the city location. It was mentioned that the city was formed in 5th bc.

But, by the recent findings on this location there are proofs that city was long before that. So conclusion is that some tribes were here before the Greeks.

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Photo of ancient coin of Damastion in Krševica kale