Food and vine form Vranje region, Serbian grapes, vinery in Serbia

Food and vine form Vranje region is any good? Where to find great food and drinks here? Answer is everywhere in southern Serbia. Food and vine form Vranje region, southern Serbia, is tasty and nice to see. When we are talking about vine production in Vranje area we should tell that is was ancient vineyards territory. Large number of sunny days, dry air and care for the nature is perfect for grape production. That is the reason for vine production over long number of years. There is great number of premium vine producers.

In celebration time, its official to cheer with some alcoholic. In Serbia it is Serbian brandy Rakija. Every home is proud to have their small family production. But when we are talking about bigger brandy production in this region there is few notable rakija’s made from plum, apple and grape. Be sure to try them if you are in neighborhood.

Food and vine form Vranje region

Šljivovica, Rakija, Serbian brandy, Plum brandy
Food in Vranje is very famous. People here love to eat, drink and have fun. They are famous for many different kinds of pies. Most important is Samsa, but there are few more kinds. Spinach, cheese pies, very crusty and tasty will have you always want more. Many other kinds of tasty food, salty, spicy, sweet, of every kind. You will see when you meet Serbia.

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