If you want to visit Bujanovačka spa it is located near Vranje, na oko 13km od njega. It is also near town Bujanovac, that it got name after. Near is also one more spa, Vranjska spa. And also about 120 km from Niš, in southern Serbia. Temperatures of water in there are about 44°C. Especially relevant mud in this spa is of volcanic origin. Therefore is counted as one of the healthiest and best in the world. Especially relevant, this is only spa in the country that use natural carbon dioxide gas in treatment.

What is treated in Bujanovačka spa

Most of all in The Spa are treated rheumatic, conditions after injuries, chronic diseases of the digestive tract. And also skin diseases, gynecological diseases, neurological disorders. Monastery Prohor Pčinjski and city of Vranje, on the photo, are near. It is among youngest spas in the country. Wells of this spa got examined in 20th century. Much as heath treatment of water and mud from this area were known in Roman and Ottoman time.

In Ottoman times Bujanovac spa had two names. They were Karman spa (black mud) and Bivol spa. It is one of youngest spa’s in Serbia. But health characteristics were known even in Roman times. Wellsprings of this spa were researched in 20th century. Health treatments in Bujanovac spa are done with water and mud.

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