Besna kobila (translated to English – Furious mare), mountain, winter center, is also a favorite picnic spot of the people of Vranje and around. And a ski resort in the winter. It is part of the Rhodope Mountains, the oldest in the Balkans. The border with Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia is nearby. So, in addition to excursions, wintering, there can also be walking tours. A mountain for all needs. You can enjoy the beautiful nature. And also snow, even most time of the year.

Where is mountain Besna kobila

Besna kobila mountain is the highest mountain in the vicinity of Vranje. You can reach it when you cross 40 kilometers southeast of Vranje. It used to be the border between Serbia and Bulgaria. That was during period from 1978 to 1919. And then it moved east and the mountain remained part of Serbia. The highest peak of this mountain is also called Besna kobila Peak. And it is located at 1922 meters altitude. Apart from the peak of Besna Kobila, there are also peaks Šuplji pad (1862m), Musul (1777m) and Mečit (1587).

Besna kobila mountain is easily reached from Vranje. There is a bus transport to Kriva Feja, the largest village on the mountain. Apart from the bus, you can certainly come by other means of road transport. Since this line is active, you can check the timetable Bus station Jedinstvo Vranje line to Besna kobila (Kriva Feja). Jedinsto Vranje bust station phone the number is 0177421201. From Nis to Besna kobila there are about 130 kilometers.

What to do on Besnoj Kobila

Besna kobila, the mountain near Vranje is 1922 meters altitude. From the very top, you can see Lake Vlasina, Vranje, but also the surrounding countries. You can see Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and they even Mount Olympus in Greece. At the foot of the mountain is Vranjska Banja spa.

The Besna kobila mountain is favorite picnic spot in the summer months. Walking tours and enjoyment. It is a favorite picnic spot for the inhabitants of Vranje and its surroundings. This mountain is a ski resort in winter. And, still, a place of untouched oasis of nature, here you can enjoy. You can enjoy over 700 species of flora. Also in the rich animal world. On the Besna kobila you can go hunting for wild boars, foxes and wolves.

Besna kobila mountain legends

The largest village on this mountain is Kriva feja. The legend of Kriva feja goes back a long way. The girl Feja used to live on the mountain. And once, riding a mare, there was an injury when she fell off that mare. Since then, she was limping while walking. And so the name of the village Kriva Feja came about. Apart from the village, the mountain itself was named after this legend. According to another legend, she broke her leg by falling off a horse. After that, she was treated for a long time, but she still remained lame.

Accommodation Besna kobila

Accommodation on Besna kobila mountain is possible in a mountaineer barracks that has been renovated relatively quickly. It is located at 1480 meters altitude. And from it to go to the top of the mountain has an even smaller part of the way. Certainly, more and more people are coming here for vacation and skiing. Especially in the winter.

The mountain lodge on Besna kobila has modest accommodation capacities. It has about 60 beds. It is therefore important to book accommodation before arrival. These capacities are often filled much in advance. Contact numbers for booking accommodation on Besna kobila are 017427503, 017404260. In addition to accommodation, there are two cable cars from a couple of years ago.

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