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Homestay Zaječar

Enjoy your Homestay Zajecar with your host Homestay Zajecar experience. We are very friendly and lovable people. Enjoy your stay with us, and experience what is Serbian “domacin”. Domaćin is Host (masculine) and hostess (feminine). Most often refer to a person responsible for guests at an event or providing hospitality during it. Or to an […]

How much do you save

How much do you really save. It is very important question, that needs answer right away. As seen in chart under this you can pay much less amount for dentist services than in many other of countries, and have a great services for that. Where to go for dental treatment?   How much do you […]

Who are our dentist

Dentist visits and dental treatment is not cheap. As health services in general. But wouldn’t you like to get great vacation and great health services at reasonable price. Here you can’t get free dental treatment but compared to prices in your country you could say so. Who are our local dentist The dentist that we […]

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