Cycling tour Nis to Jelasnica gorge

Small picnic area with cave you can see in cycling tour Nis Jelasnica gorge

The cycling tour from Nis to Jelasnica gorge is a nice experience for everyone who wants to go out into nature with their bike. As bicycles have become very popular since last year due to the situation itself, we will deal with several suggestions for cycling from Nis. Thanks to our friend, you can also … Read more

Jelasnica gorge

Jelasnica gorge panorama, road in Jelasnica gorge

Jelasnica Gorge is a nature park located near Nis and Nis Spa. About 15 kilometers from them. This gorge is beautified by the Jelasnicka river that flows through it. And at the foot of the Suva planina mountain. It is three kilometers from Niška Banja spa. The nearest inhabited place is the village of Jelasnica. … Read more

Red cross concentration camp Nis

WWII concentration camp, nazi camp in Nis

Much is known about the atrocities that took place in the Red Cross camp in the Second World War. And yet probably not all. Something is known, something partial. And something probable will never be. It is well known what kind of things were done in Nis, in the 12th February Camp, that is, the … Read more