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near vranje, vranjska banja, spa of vranje, Vranje spa, The Vranjska spa

Vranjska Spa

Vranjska Spa is located near Vranje, 100km from Niš, in south Serbia. It is one of two spas, other is Bujanovačka Spa. First mention of The Spa is in 4th century, notary of emperor Dusan. During Otoman era, it was widely used by the invading Turks, but they did not...

near vranje, vranjska banja, spa of vranje, Vranje spa, The Vranjska spa

Bujanovačka spa

If you want to visit Bujanovačka spa it is located near Vranje and Vranjska spa. About 120 km from Niš, in south Serbia. Temperatures of water in there are about 44°C. Especially relevant mud in this spa is of volcanic origin. Therefore is counted as one of the healthiest and...

Spa, Lukovska banja, medicine, blood vessels, pressure regulations, treated digestive tract, rheumatic diseases

Lukovo Spa

Lukovo Spa is village near Kuršumlija, about 100km from Niš, where you can go for relax or treatment. In The Spa, there are two groups of springs: the western group (Upper Spa), and the eastern group (Lower Spa). Temperature of water in this spa are from 22-65c. In spa you...

spa, medicine, around Kursumlija, Spa of Kursumlija south Serbia

Kuršumlijska spa

Kuršumlijska spa is one choice where to go in south Serbia for cure and relax. Diseases treated in this spa are injuries and illnesses of the locomotor system, gynecological and neurological diseases. Kuršumlijska spa The Spa has five groups of warm (25-68 °C) and mineral waters at disposal. And also...

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