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Hiro i Yurico, Japanese guests on Leskovac Rostiljijada (VIDEO)

Japanese tourists on meat festival in southern Serbia, Grill festival in Serbia, Biggest gril festival in Balkans

Leskovac BBQ and Grill festival in Serbia is one of biggest festivals of this king in Europe. In that meaning, a lot of visitors are domestic. But many are also from foreign countries. You can often see foreign people in organized groups, or individual tourists. You can see people from distant countries, in smaller number. […]

Russian tourists experience in Rostiljijada (meat festival) Leskovac

leskovac serbia burgers, leskovac meet festival, russian in rostiljijada festival

Meat festival Rostiljijada in Leskovac with it’s tradition to today became one of most important festivals in Leskovac. And entire Serbia. As such, festival in Leskovac attracts more and more tourist every year. Domestic and foreign. Here you can see, one of Russian tourists experience of Leskovac Meat festival. The point is his experience in […]

Abdullah Eurotrip, A hike to Suva mountain peak Trem, Serbia

fog, hiking, nature, mountain

Eurotrip to Suva Mountain, Serbia So this morning, I woke fresh without alarm at 7:00. That’s because of the beautiful sound of water stream from outside. That’s the view out of my balcony and picture of house from outside. I had accommodation in the Spa of Nis. Took shower and went downstairs for breakfast. Aunt […]