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Rtanj mountain Eastern Serbia

Pyramid in eastern Serbia, Magic mountain Serbia, Siljak peak mountain

Rtanj mountain, magical and mystical, is located in eastern Serbia. This pearl of nature of eastern Serbia is known for numerous springs, nature and medicinal herbs, legends and inexplicable phenomena. The place where the famous Rtanj tea grows, a protected species. All this influences that Rrtanj is a mountain that attracts a large number of […]


Negotin square, horseman mnument, church, center of Negotin, Hajdu Veljko Petrovic Monument

About Negotin Negotin is especially relevant as center of Negotinska municipalities, and is located in eastern Serbia, about 150km from Niš. You can travel to it from Bor and Zaječar too. First found traces that first citizens of this territory were here before few thousand years, as one of first people in Europe. First written traces of […]

Rajačke Pimnice

selo Rajac, pimnice, wine village, Rajac Negotin east Serbia brewery

Rajačke Pimnice are part of production in Rajac village, near Negotin in eastern Serbia. It is famous for vine production in traditional way. Rajačke Pimnice They are founded in 19th century and can be seen in ethno tours. You can taste or by domestic vines, or some local products such as cheese and other milk […]