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Svrljig caves Prekonoga cave

Prekonoga cave in Svrljig town Prekonoga cave is located in village of same name, in Svrljig town area in Serbia. On about 5 km distance from it. From city of Niš there is about 20km to this cave. This is first cave in Serbia used for tourist purposes. In 1888....

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Rajko’s cave

Rajkos cave would be interesting to you? Great! Where to find caves if you love to visit them? The Rajko’s cave is located in east Serbia, near Majdanpek, and Bor about 190km from Niš. It is one of the longest caves in the country. It has Rajko river runs throughout it....

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Zlotska cave

Zlotska cave complex  are located in east Serbia, around Bor. It consist of  multiple caves, very close and connected with nature trail.  Zlotska caves most famous are Vernjikica and Lazareva (Lazar’s) Cave. Vernjikica is on the left side of Lazar’s river. Lazar’s cave was inhabited in prehistorical era which is evidenced...

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Town Bor

About Bor If you want to visit Bor it is town in east Serbia, one of biggest, next to Negotin and Zaječar. It is mining area, with copper industry. In vicinity of Bor is gold mining town Majdanpek. This territory is very old if we are talking about first people....

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Name Knjaževac dates form 1859. And town got it after Knjaz Miloš Obrenović, Serbian ruler. Before that Otoman rulers called it Gurgusovac. River Timok runs true it. Distance from Niš is about 60km, from Zaječar 40. It is in Zaječar county, in east Serbia. History of Knjaževac First traces of...

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Poganovo, Sukovo Monastery and Cave church

Around Pirot Around Pirot is great nature. Must see are Stara mountain as one of natures pearls in Europe, resort Temac on Temšica river, Poganovo resort and monastery (1395) with same name, Zavojsko lake and church St. John the Theologian from 14th century. It it located about 25km from Pirot....

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