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Kukavica mountain Serbia

kukavica leskovac,kukavica u daljini

Kukavica mountain stretches from Leskovac to Vranje. Along the river Veternica. On its borders is the Grdelica gorge. Nature and its beauties in the narrowest sense. It’s highest peak, Vlajna is located at an altitude of 1441 meters above sea level. And it is located on the territory of the municipality of Vladicin Han. It […]

Hiro i Yurico, Japanese guests on Leskovac Rostiljijada (VIDEO)

Japanese tourists on meat festival in southern Serbia, Grill festival in Serbia, Biggest gril festival in Balkans

Leskovac BBQ and Grill festival in Serbia is one of biggest festivals of this king in Europe. In that meaning, a lot of visitors are domestic. But many are also from foreign countries. You can often see foreign people in organized groups, or individual tourists. You can see people from distant countries, in smaller number. […]

Rostiljijada Leskovac grill festival (Photos and Video)

Opening fireworks in Rostiljijada Serbia, Celebration in Leskovac, Grilled meat festival opening in Leskovac Rostiljijada

Rostiljijada grill festival in Leskovac Serbia is biggest event of this kind in Blakans. Southern Serbia is all about great food. Especially, famous for grill and BBQ. So, you can expect the best meat food, where ever you eat here. It is not important, if it is kafana or street food. Of course, there are […]