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Devil’s stone

Devil’s stone is located around Vranje, in south Serbia, near a border with Bulgaria and Macedonia. Here you can find very high stones that people say are the devils. That’s how it got name. About Devil’s stone On a highest point you can see the church, that is monitorig all...

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Krševica kale

If you are fascinated with ancient fortress and cities, therefore you must see for you is Krševica kale. It is located in south Serbia, near Vranje. In Krševica village. And it probably dates from 4th btc. Probably it is ancient city of Damastion. Center of culture in time of Alexander...

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Marko’s kale

Marko’s kale Marko’s kale is one more place to visit for those who love history. Marko’s kale is near Vranje, about 5km. It is mentioned in first written traces of this area in 15th century. In official Ottoman Empire documents it’s named as Fortress of Vranje. And also, unpredictable is...

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Churches and monasteries near Kuršumlija

As a result of Kuršumlija being first capitol of ancient Serbia, many monasteries and churches are located here. And all are very old, even in ruins. While some of them are rebuilt, some of them are waiting  their turn. Therefore, some of them you can visit in full. While others...

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Devil’s Town

Where is Devil’s Town Devil’s Town is town where to go to see world wonder candidate from south Serbia, 30km from Kuršumlija, and about 90km from Niš. In 2010. It this rock formation was in race for seven world wonders. This natures monument consist of 202 devils, with caps, located...

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