Prolom spa is located in the south Serbia. About 59km from Kuršumlija, and also about 90 km from Niš. It’s located in the foot of Mt. Radan (1409 m) and Mt. Sokolovica (1050 m). The therapy in the Spa is for treatment for the kidney diseases and urinary system problems.

prolom spa Serbia, spa near Kursumlija

About Prolom Spa

And also digestive problems, skin problems, rheumatism. Travel there to have treatment with it’s water, that is used for curing. With constant temperature of 30 to 33.8 °C. Also, Prolom water is something this spa is famous for. As a result, it’s bottled water sold worldwide and very healthy for kidney and urinary problems. Very near of the Spa are Kuršumlijska Spa and Lukovo Spa. And also Devil’s town. As attraction here, you can drinking beer, Prolom beer, that is made from healthy Prolom water.

Soko waterfall on Radan mountain

In addition to medical tourism itself, which can be interesting to you in Prolom Banja spa, there are other things. There are churches and monasteries, and two other spas. Beautiful nature. The suggestion for what to see in Prolom Banja is also a waterfall. Must see sight is the Soko waterfall in Radan mountain. The waterfall itself is located less than 3 kilometers from the hotel Radan. You reach it by the “Staza zdravlja” (Path of health). Soko waterfall Prolo spa, pearl of Radan mountain.

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Prolom spa photography is by Miloš Stojanović