Where is Pločnik archaeological locality

Plocnik village location is in the southern Serbia. Near Kuršumlija and Prokuplje and about 50 km from Niš. Archaeological traces found in here are from 7000 bce. Today knowledge is from about 5300 -7500 bce where there are houses and even industrial zone from that town.

old house reconstructed, history, Plocnik prehistoric reconstruction

Here is cradle of copper metallurgy. The fire or invading army attack destroyed many traces of Neolithic period. Some traces of that period are found much as today. And today, the village is finally reconstructed.

In addition to that notable period finding is from Roman time. Near by village Bace has traces of Roman Therms. It was found when road from Prokuplje to Kuršumlija was built. Therefore there is a sign on bridge above to preserve that sight. It probably dates from 3rd century.

The Plocnik History

Pločnik is an archaeological site in the village of the same name in Toplica District, Serbia. A 120 hectare settlement belonging to the Neolithic Vinča culture.

Probably the site existed from 5500 BCE. Finally, fire destroyed the site in 4700BCE. Probably it’s cradle of metallurgy. And also, traces of oldest spa in Europe are found.

Most noteworthy, here was found 7 thousand years old cooper ring.

The site was first discovered during railway construction in 1927. And since than it was investigated only sporadically. Until excavations carried out by the Prokuplje Museum the National Museum of Serbia began in 1996.

“Serbian archaeologists found evidence of what could be the oldest metal workshop in all of Europe. According to National Museum archaeologist Dušan Šljivar, experts found a copper chisel and axe at a location near Prokuplje in which the foundation has proven to be 7,500 years old. Maybe all the way to around 5000 years bc. Also, here was found small figure in mini skirt. You can read all about that finding on this link

It is leading us to believe that it was one of the first places in which metal weapons and tools were made in prehistoric times.”  

Archaeologists hope that this find in southern Serbia will prove the theory that the metal age began a lot earlier than it was believed to have, Šljivar said. ” complete article you can read on Archeo news.

Site Plocnik is opened for public today.