Lukovo Spa is village near Kuršumlija, on about 35km. And also on about 100km from Niš, and about 280km from Belgrade. Here you can go for relax or treatment. From Belgrade it takes about 300km to here. In The Spa, there are two groups of springs: the western group (Upper Spa), and the eastern group (Lower Spa). Temperature of water in this spa are from 22-65c.

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Lukovo Spa health improvement

In spa you can cure venous blood vessels, pressure regulations, treated digestive tract, rheumatic diseases, vein, the treatment for kidney and bladder , skin diseases. Treatment are by bathing and applying mud on skin.This is spa on highest altitude in Serbia. In Lukovo spa there are 26 medical wells, of which 18 are with proven curing characteristics. From some of those wells you can even drink water to improve your health.

What to do in Lukovo spa

Except medical treatments and improving health of people Lukovo spa is offering many possibilities for fun time. If you are fun of walking, hiking and trekking you will be satisfied. There are seven treks of health here:
Trek one from Spa – St. Mina church – Dobro hill – Sljaciste, long 7km.
Trek two from Spa – Upper part of Spa – waterfall Osov – Thousand tears wellspring – back to the Spa, 3km long.
Trek three from Spa – Thousand tears wellspring – Delice – Jagnjilo – Stara trešnja – St.Mina’s church, 5,5km long.
Trek four from Spa – wellspring Thousand tears – whirlpool – former King Milutin’s house, 3km long.
Trek five from Spa – Upper part of Spa – old mill – waterfall Sige, 1,7km long.
Trek six from Spa -Jagnjilo – Trešnjica – Jović house – Skoronja – Treska -Trešnjica – Jagnjilo – Back to the Spa, 18km long.
Trek seven from Spa – Vardiste – Saint Peter and Paul’s church, back to the Spa, 15km long.

Trekking is price free. And some of them can be used for cycling. And while you are walking around you can try searching for King’s Milutins gold. 🙂

Lukovo spa legend

Lukovo spa legend that is active still today is about hidden gold. Nobody know from what period is it, from ancient Roman Byzantine period, or conquers later on. But it’s presumed, by the legend, that it is hidden somewhere around. And so on for years, decades. Around Lukovo spa are located 19 of ex mines from ancient times. This area it is location of often digging, through history also, locals are saying. This is purpose of St.Mina’s church floor was digged out sometimes before. Was it lucky hunt, nobody knows. But you certainly can try. Good luck!

Near The Spa are Kuršumlijska Spa and Prolom Spa. And also, near Lukovo, on about 100km, is Sijarinska spa, with it’s accommodation and medicine capacity. And also Devil’s town. The Spa is very known for it’s 37 known water wells.

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