Town of Kursumlija, south Serbia, Kursumlija town panorama

Kuršumlija Serbia

Traveling to the town Kuršumlija, we need to go to the south Serbia, about 35km from Prokuplje, and about 65km from Niš. Ancient times in here are firstly known in Roman time as here was Ad Fines town, on a main transit way.

Here was the first Church and administrative capital of Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja. In that name he built two churches, the White Churches, St. Nicola i St. Godmother. Both are covered in lead, and that is the reason why they are called “White”. This is also are where expansion of his state and medieval Serbia started.

After that time came the time of Ottomans, which conquered this territory. Their time ended in 1878.

Kursumlja recently

In 20th century, during two world wars, this territory had big part in liberation and fighting. During WWI, here was a Iron regiment, of liberation fighters, that with many casualties fought the enemies. In WWII, Kuršumlija was liberated in 1944.

Main tourist destinations here are three spas and Devils town. Their distance is to Prolom spa pa about 23 km, Lukovo spa 36 km, Kuršumlija spa 11 km and Devil Town distance is about 27 km. Near by is also Pločnik locality.

This territory is rich in animals. Therefore, many hunters and fisherman’s are coming to this territory. Fish can be found here are the white fish (chub, gudgeon, barbel, common nase), and for hunters there are wild boars, wolves, foxes, wild cats, rabbits, pheasants, partridges, ring doves and woodcocks.

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Top photo is Panoramic view of Kuršumlija Nikolic CC BY-SA 3.0