This unique location, exhibition of bizarre and amazing figures, is very interesting as monument of nature. And also, because of the legends that can be told about this place. Statues, with unknown origin. And with this shape. Why, these exact legends on this exact place?

Those questions are unanswered, for now. But, they are lasting still making people doubting. And also, they are interesting to domestic and foreign tourist. The stone monuments of Devil town last till today, even with nature catastrophes like earthquake in 1983. Along with them, legends are also preserved.

Legends of Devil town in Serbia are still spread

Sas mine in Devil’s town Serbia

In XIII century, this are was well known for its mine. In that mine worked miners from Saxon tribe, which are settled there by Prince Uroš of Serbia. That is how the mine in Devil’s town Serbia got it’s name. He did that, because they were most skilled miners of that time.

This Saxon mine in southern Serbia was primarily iron mine. And secondarily gold and silver mine. The ore was than transported to near by village Rudare, by history facts.

Where is Devil’s Town

Devil’s Town is town where to go to see World Wonder candidate from southern Serbia, 30km from Kuršumlija, and about 90km from Niš, 280km from Belgrade. It is located in Toplica district. In 2007. this rock formation was in race for seven world wonders. This natures monument consist of 202 devils, with caps, located between Hell gully and Devil’s ditch.

Devils town, Devil, stone, Devils town, South Serbia, Kursumlija

For this natural wonder and its beginning there are many stories till today. Of them all, most interesting are that the figures are petrified wedding party when that devil wanted to marry brother and sister.

In another, they are petrified demons when students tricked them to bet , and on the third legend sculptures are representing demons expelled from people which spend night in St. Petka church.

After the exorcism process, the bad spirits were dug in the ground. And stone figures of Devil town Serbia are maybe the devil’s that are trying to get out from the ground.

Devils town, around Kursumlija, withces, world wonder Serbia, Devils town in south Serbia

Devil’s Town is famous for its 2 sources strongly acidic water. One of the devil’s water, cold and extremely acid spring (pH 1.5) with a high mineralization (15 g / l of water), and is located in the Devil’s ravine. Red fountain is another source (pH 3.5), with weaker mineralization (4.372 mg / l of water).

These waters are very rare in the world and are used in spa treatments because the people considered extremely healing. But scientists warn that water from the devil’s water should not drank, because it is not sufficiently investigated. Those wells are Red Well and Devil’s water.

This location is similar to Devil’s stone, near Vranje. Djevils town is located near town Kuršumlija and Prolom spa. And also near historic locality Pločnik.

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Top and bottom images are by GeologicharkaCC BY-SA 3.0 ; Middle photo of Devils Town by NikolicCC BY-SA 3.0; Bottom gallery photos by Dejan Radenković