As a result of Kuršumlija being first capitol of ancient Serbia, many monasteries and churches are located here. And all are very old, even in ruins. While some of them are rebuilt, some of them are waiting  their turn. Therefore, some of them you can visit in full. While others can be seen in their present state.

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Kuršumlija’s Church and Monsteries

Of all Churches and monasteries near Kuršumlija, southern Serbia, certainly Church of St. Nicholas is one of most noteworthy. Very famous i in whole country. In addition, it dates form 12th century, and was built by Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja. It was destroyed. Since 19th century till today, is almost rebuilt in whole.

Church of St. Mother of God, was built in by Stefan Nemanja, Ruler of Serbia in 12th century. And was given to his wife Ana, who latter become nun there. Seems like it was built on the foundations of early Byzantine churches from V-VI century.

This monastery, was destroyed by Turkish invaders in 17th century. In conclusion, today, all it is left is altar with saints pictures on both sides. Consequently on St.Petka day, big religious holiday, many people gather on this place to celebrate it.

Interesting things about St. Godmother monastery in Kursumlija

Saint Godmother monastery is also called Petkovača. It was built between 1159. to 1168. But exact date is unknown. It was woman’s monastery. As such, it was always protected from female sides of ruling houses of Serbia. In this monastery was nun wife of Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja, Ana. It was also protected by wife of Ottoman Emperor Murat II, and daughter of Serbian ruler Djuradj Brankovic, Mara Brankovic. During church holidays, here is the place where local citizens are gathered. Even if this monastery and St. Nicola church are in ruins. And church ceremony are being held.

Churches and monasteries near Kuršumlija

Church of St. Mine Saint in Štava village, Kuršumlija, was built in 13th century. It was built by count Mrkša, and today it carry another name, Mrkša’s church. And also it was destroyed few times by Ottomans, or maybe the fire.

But today, its considered to be cultural heritage of great importance. Therefore is protected by the Serbian state. Furthermore, St. Lazars church, Lazarica, is church near Prolom spa. Church is named Church of Saint Lazar’s Resurrection and was built around 1890.

Especially relevant for it is made from wood. There is a legend that is in connection with it. It has 6 plum trees. And always had it. When old ones died, new grew and again six of them. This 6 plums are twisted, and also legend say reason for that is because Serbian Knights and soldiers went in circles before one great history battle (Kosovo Battle).

Churches and monasteries near Kuršumlija, Zitoradja, Latin church, Markos church

Especially relevant, St.George church is important because of it’s location in altitude can be compared with Metheory in Greece.

This church is founded in time of Serbian dynasty Nemanjić, in about 12 century. First of all, Ottomans destroyed it. Finally, in newer time when road was built, foundation was damaged, so new church was built.

Finally, to all this monuments, there are few more. Also some of them are from ancient period, but some of them are new. In addition, St. Djordje, St, Apostols Petar and Pavle, St. Ilija and Holly trinity Church.

Most of all, Marko’s church in Glašince, about an hour from Kuršumlija, dates from 4th century. Today it is protected by state. Second name for it is Latin church. Because it was used in time by Catholics too.

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