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Pirot is southeastern Serbia town near border with Bulgaria. Turres settlement from 3rd century of Roman era is ancient Pirot. It dates before ancient Slavs, who named it after the word Pirgos, and in other history times it had many different names. The mountains are sorrounding the city and has rivers running through it. Three lakes Zavoj, Krupac and Sukovo in vicinity. It become part of Serbia in 12th  century.

History of Pirot

The city of Momčilo or Kale is the Medieval local fortress.The remains of a Roman Turres will soon be preserved and partially restored and thus available to the general public. Furthermore, early Christian basilica comes from the 5th century. With Byzantine fortifications of old Pirot, together make a unique archaeological complex.
All around is great nature. Must see are Stara mountain as one of natures pearls in Europe, resort Temac on Temšica river, Poganovo and Sukovo and monastery’s, Zavojsko, Sukovo i Krupac lake and Rsovci cave church. It it located about 22km from Pirot.
Before newer time they were great at pottery craftsman.

Red carpet, Pirot rug, Colours rug, mad in Serbia

Pirot rug or in Serbian “Pirotski Ćilim” is another craft product which is characteristic for local craftsman. They are making in specific and world known product. It is specific because it is handcrafted to two identical faces, and that makes it unique in the world. It can be produced in all shapes and sizes, with different ornaments or stripes. The Pirot rug was often received as a valuable gift either in private or political contacts

Crafting in Pirot

The making of jewelry by local people is based on the traditional medieval influence lasting till today. Great craftsman are producing it through centuries. Decoration used on kerchiefs and scarfs are large pins.
Local ethno food is famous for are kačkavalj and peglana sausage. This symbols of South Serbia and especially Pirot’s county is art made by people of  “Stara Planina” mountain from 17th century till today.
Finally it is green or healthy food. Local people are making Kačkavalj or cheese form Pirot from sheep or cow milk or mix of both. Flattened or Peglana in Serbian language is the type of sausage. That using only the finest meat mixed with spices and chevon, lamb and veal. And all types of meat generally considered to contain less fat. Flattened sausage is organic, green food too.

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For what to see around Pirot see Around Pirot

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Header photo by SerbLazarCC BY-SA 4.0 ; Pirot rug photo by OrjenTemplate:Pavle CikovacCC BY-SA 3.0

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